“Great class with no pressure, mixed abilities and exercises were very achievable. Advice on different adaptions was amazing and instructor knew all about different health conditions and exercising which is rare. Would highly recommend.” Lynda

“Dani made me realise that you can exercise anywhere, no matter what condition you are in. It’s all about your mindset, I was a wreck when I attended my first session, I fell before I got to you, chair broken, could hardly walk. Look at me now! I will never be 100%, however, im better than I was. I will keep moving” Clyna

“Great circuit classes aimed to meet all abilities, Dani is very experienced and delivers the nutrition session very well too and she is very knowledgeable. She answers all my questions! Would thoroughly recommend the weight management programme with Dani as it is not a diet plan and helped me make realistic goals, achieve my weight loss and continue to make better lifestyle changes” Sara

“ The class we did was for both children and adults and was great to join in all together, Dani gave us some great ideas and tips like reading food labels which we never did before!” Sofie

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